Retired Moms and Adults

Every now and then we retire one of our adult dogs and try to find them a great forever home. If you are looking for an adult Westie who has had a kind and warm family life a retired adult would be perfect for you. Contact us for current information to find out when a retired adult dog will be available. I don’t keep this page updated as often as I should, please email for current status.


We will have several moms retire who are 5 to 6 years old available in winter 2014 or 2015. Karmon has a deposit on her to hold until she is available, 2013 winter or 2014 spring. We occasionally have young adults who we held for breeding and decide they aren’t exactly what we are looking for and adopt them out as pets. We dont have any available at the time of this update, 11-1-13. We do have a whole list of rescued dogs who were going to be killed at shelters just due to lack of space and time. Many sizes and breeds! We get them spayed/neutered and UTD on health care. Please check out the rescue page. True they aren’t Westies, but they are each very special and wonderful too!

Bailey Sue 4,5 yrs 7-12




All our adults are crate trained UTD on vaccinations and healthy. They all walk on a leash and stand great for grooming. Some are housebroken. Some have not been loose in the house very much but they never potty in a crate, and most automatically go to the door when they need out. Young adults are the same fee as a puppy. Middle age retired moms are less.

We also occasionally have older puppies available. They are crate trained, and have the benefit of being able to wait longer to potty for those families who work or are gone longer then a young puppy can wait. They also learn and remember quickly, since they are a little more mature. They easily move right into their new family the way a young puppy will. Please check in the status may have changed.

Terrier Terry, freedom from AC! 3-5-14 

We have several rescues available ( rescued 28 dogs/puppies in 8-2013! and had several others prior to that, and 15 more in September 2013!) some are on the rescued/foster dogs page. Some are wonderful and very easy, housebroken, love kids and great with dogs. One from this year, a German Shepherd male, is so smart hes a handful, and will need a special Shepherd experienced home.  His good friend, a female Shepherd, is a really easy dog, she has been adopted. Fritz pictured above is also super easy, as are many of them!

MANY Beautiful sweet dogs! Not the full list, only some of them: a lab mix, 2 pitbull mixes, puppy lab mix (she is SUPER smart and retrieves naturally! loves water ,great duck hunting prospect!) black mouth cur mix, a maybe pure dachshund, a doxie/basset mix, ! hound, and hound lab mix, 3 small fiests (like a rat terrier, a hunting breed, fun loving small and energetic), a shih tzu mix, a dutch shepherd or australian shepherd mix, a tiny Chihuahua, a bigger chihuahua mix, a bully short legged dog mix, all available! We have been doing a lot of rescue. Please see foster dogs available page for more info on some them. Its not updated very often so please email for current photos and info of who is available. All adults, and old enough puppies are spayed/neutered and heartworm tested. All are microchipped, UTD health care, healthy and happy (or I will tell you if they have weird personality traits! no surprises. We want our furry freind in the perfect home for them and their families to also feel they are perfect!) (click on photo to see full photo, use back button to return.) An example: Ty here is a happy dog who loves to be in the house. He is very athletic and wants really bad to cuddle with someone, and also to have something to do. Very smart but no one took any time to teach him anything except housebreaking. Shepherd, border collie, husky? (because in evening he howls like a coyote if hes left outside in the kennel hes so sad. He is quiet as a mouse when inside or crated and the rest of the day. He very smart!)

Ty is an energetic dog whos family did not take care of him and his time was out if I didnt get him he was going to be killed in hours. Hes 2, the gray is just color of his face.

Ty is an energetic dog whos family did not take care of him and his time was out if I didnt get him he was going to be killed in hours. Hes 2, the gray is just color of his face.

The old wives tale which states you must get a very young puppy for the puppy/dog to bond well with you is not true. Puppies and adults who have had a good home love their family and it is easy for them to love and bond with their new family, their names can also be changed and they adjust quickly to the new name, even old dogs. We do a lot of rescue so we don’t know if the dog has even had a name or what it is. They still adjust beautifully!


I retire all our mom dogs after several years of breeding. It works great for me, for our retired moms and their new families. They are healthy, housebroken, crate trained, and come when called already. They will take some adjusting into a new home but they are so easy many families keep in touch for a long time letting me know what a great Westie they are and how happy they are to have one of mine. They are wonderful for the person or family who wants a companion, without all the time and energy a puppy requires.